Advanced Morphs section

  • Add Driver to Shapekey shapekey-name. An object property that drives the active shapekey is created, and can be accessed from the Custom Morphs panel.
  • Remove All Morphs Remove all morphs and associated drivers.
  • Update Property Limits. Change the minimum and maximum values of sliders.
  • Property Minima. The new minimum value.
  • Property Maxima. The new maximum value.

Add Driver To Shapekey shapekey-name

The DAZ Importer is designed to work with file linking.When we import a morph, a shapekey is created, but also a rig property which drives the shapekey value. This means that we can modify the value of the shapekey if we link the character into another file. The shapekey itself is mesh data that is not available in the linked file, but the rig property can be changed if the rig is proxified.
The purpose of this button is to add a driver to shapekeys that we have made ourselves rather than imported from DAZ Studio. Assume that we have created a horn shapekey. The name of the button has changed to Add Driver To Shapekey Horn, after the name of the active shapekey. Press it to create the driver.
The value slider turns purple, which indicates that it has become a driven value. In the Custom Morphs panel, a new slider also named Horn is created under the Shapekeys category. It drives the value of the Horn shapekey.

Update Property Limits

When a shapekey is imported, its range is defined by the properties Property Minima and Property Maxima, which are found in the General section of the Settings panel.  The shapekey ranges can of course be changed by hand, but this becomes unpractical if we want to change the limits of many shapekeys.

To change the range of all shapekeys and associated properties at once, set the desired values of Property Minima and Maxima, and press Update Property Limits. The shapekey ranges changes. This does not apply to corrective shapekeys, for which it does not make sense to extend the range.

The sliders driving facial expressions and custom morphs are also affected. In the pictures above the value of Excitement_HD and Horn were set to the maximum values, before and after Property Maxima was change from 1.0 to 2.0.

Remove All Morph Drivers

This button removes all drivers for shapekeys and poses for the active character.

After Remove All Morph Drivers is pressed, the drivers for the shapekeys are removed, which is indicated by the sliders turning white. The Custom Morphs and Custom Poses panels are also removed from the DAZ Runtime tab.

However, the shapekey values and poses are not cleared. To clear the poses, go to bone layer 32 where the Drv bones are located. They are no longer driven by properties and can be reset by Alt-R.