DAZ Importer version 1.1

This is the documentation page for the stable version 1.1 of the DAZ importer. Documentation about the old version 1.0 is found here.

The DAZ importer is a tool for importing files for DAZ Studio (DAZ User File *.duf, DAZ System File *.dsf) into Blender. It also contains some tools to make the assets more animation friendly.

Links to download pages

Repository: https://bitbucket.org/Diffeomorphic/import-daz

Development version as a zip file: https://bitbucket.org/Diffeomorphic/import-daz/downloads/

Stable version 1.1 release candidate: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i4aoh578u6ss2hz/import-daz-v1.1-20170222.zip

  1. Save the zip file somewhere on your computer.
  2. In Blender, go to File > User Preferences > Add-ons
  3. Press Install From File... and select the zip file.
  4. Enable the DAZ importer.

  Documentation / Tutorials:

  1. Installing the Blender add-on.
  2. Export from DAZ Studio
  3. Import into Blender
  4. Setup character after import
  5. Solving some import problems
  6. Advanced Setup Panel.
  7. Posing Panel.


License information