Merge Anatomy

In practice, this is almost exclusively done with genitalia. In order to merge anatomy to the human, the anatomy must of course first be exported from DAZ Studio. We therefore go back to DAZ Studio and save a new version of Ana. To the nude mesh with hair we add earrings and genitalia. We also add a top and shorts (hidden in the illustration below), primarily because I am unsure how Blogger reacts to nudity.
Save the character ana-night.duf and export the corresponding .json file, ana-night.json. Import the new .duf file into Blender and merge all rigs.

Load all morphs that you need, both for Ana herself and also for her genitals. This must be done before the anatomy has been merged, because merging meshes changes the vertex number. Select the genitals and import morphs.

Load all morphs belonging to the genitalia mesh. I should have changed the category from the default General to Genitalia, but forgot to do so. Unfortunately, this mistake is not so easy to correct afterwards.

Now select both the character and the genitals meshes, and press Merge Anatomy. The importer figures out which mesh is a character by looking at its fingerprint (the number of vertices, edges and faces), so selection order is not important.

The genitalia is now merged with the body mesh. The hidden crotch vertices in the original body mesh have been removed, and duplicates along the genitalia border have been removed, making the integration of the two meshes seamless.

The merged mesh keeps the genitalia materials and shapekeys. The shapekeys are controlled by rig properties in the Custom Morphs panel, under the category General (since I forgot to change that when the morphs were imported).

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