Rigging version 1.2

 The armatures imported from DAZ Studio are straightforward forward-kinematics rigs, and are not so convenient for manual animation. The DAZ importer allows you to automatically convert the imported rigs to two more animator-friendly rigs: MHX and Rigify.

  • Convert to MHX. Convert the active rig to MHX. The current rig is deleted.
  • Convert to Rigify Convert the active rig to Rigify. The current rig is deleted.
  • Delete Metarig. When converting to Rigify, an intermediate metarig is created. This is deleted at the end of the process unless this option is unchecked.
  • Add IK goals
  • Add Winder
  • Group
  • Add To Group
  • Remove From Group

The MHX rig

The MHX (MakeHuman eXchange) rigs was developed by myself when I was working on the MakeHuman project. Documentation about the MHX rig. Eventually the documentation should be moved here, for an MHX-converted DAZ character behave slightly differently from a MakeHuman one, but for the time being the MakeHuman documentation will have to do.

After pressing Convert To MHX, Ana's rig is replaced by an MHX rig, recognizable by the bones' custom shapes.

Face bones carry over to the new rig, so it is still possible to do facial posing in the Face Units, Expressions and Visemes panels. Expressions can be tweaked with the face bones on the Face layer (armature layer 9). Three new panels appear when an MHX rig is selected: MHX Layers, MHX FKIK Switch, and MHX Properties. They are described in the MHX documentation.


DAZ characters can also be rerigged with the popular Rigify add-on by Nathan Vegdahl. Links to documentation about Rigify in general:

Official Rigify documentation
Blenderartist thread

First we must make sure that the Rigify add-on is enabled. It is bundled with Blender and is found in the Rigging category.

Here is the rigified version of Ana. Runtime controls for Rigify are found at the bottom of the "N-panel" to the right of the viewport. Facial bones and rig properties are copied to the Rigify rig, so face units,  expressions and visemes continue to work, including the extra layer of tweak bones. The face bones can be found on armature layer 2 in the rigified armature.

There were some problems with Rigify conversion in version 1.0 of the DAZ Importer, but they have been ironed out in version 1.1.

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