lördag 20 augusti 2016

DAZ Importer

My 3D app is Blender, but I have played with DAZ Studio for quite some time, and found that it is a quite capable character creator. Since I have previously done something similar for the MakeHuman project, I wrote a Python script that imports native DAZ files (with file extensions .duf or .dsf) into Blender. In fact, the script is quite old and I have been using it privately for a long time, but recently I decided that it was time to complete it. The primary reason for writing this script is that I want to use it myself, but if somebody is interested it is now available for download.

The script repository is located at https://bitbucket.org/Diffeomorphic/import-daz

To download a zip file with the development version, go to  https://bitbucket.org/Diffeomorphic/import-daz/downloads.

There is also some documentation about the intended use at http://diffeomorphic.blogspot.se/p/daz-importer.html.

All assets needed to make the picture above were imported from DAZ Studio: the characters, the clothes, the poses, and the environment. The only manual intervention was to set up the lighting and make some minor tweaks to the woman's pose.

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