lördag 2 december 2017

PBR shader

The DAZ Importer (development version) can now create Cycles materials using the Principled BSDF, also known as the PBR shader. Here the same car has been imported with Cycles with PBR, Cycles without PBR, and Blender Internal.

(Actually, lightning was made differently in BI. The Cycles renders were lit by an environment map, the BI render was lit by two lamps and composited upon the background.)

The PBR shader makes a huge difference for materials like metals and glass. For characters the improvement is not so clear compared to standard Cycles. Here is the default Genesis 3 Female imported in three ways.

And here is a Genesis 8 character. The PBR variant developed some nasty white spots, e.g. on the neck, which is clearly visible even after denoising. In both Cycles renders the shadow on her cheek is also very jagged. Probably it comes from the hair mesh.

To enable the PBR shader, select the Principled Shader option in the Materials And Textures section of the Settings panel. This is still quite unstable and the option may move in the near future, e.g. to the import options.

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  1. Yay, thanks for the update! But for some reason after reinstalling I don't see an updated menu with the Principled Shader. I tried following that link to download the development version, uninstalled my old version, closed and reopened Blender, reinstalled the newly downloaded file and activated the add-on.

    1. just an update - I'm able to try it out by selecting PBR when I import. However, I still don't see the "Principled Shader" option in the settings panel.

    2. This option has moved to the import options; i.e., press the import button and you have options there. However, everything is very much in a flux right now. The problem is that I neither understand the Principal BSDF node nor the DAZ shaders well, so finding the correct mapping between the two is difficult. Especially since Iray and 3Delight give very different values for the bump strength; for Victoria 7 it is like 5 vs 0.5. Why is that?

  2. Those jaggies look like polygon faceting. Pathtracing really makes them stand out.

  3. waoo well written post about PBR shader.


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