måndag 12 augusti 2019

Stable version 1.4

A few weeks ago, Blender 2.80 was released, and thus it is finally time to release version 1.4 of the Daz Importer. It contains many improvements and bugfixes, but most importantly, it runs under Blender 2.80. It still also runs under Blender 2.79. Compared to version 1.3 there are also many improvements in Cycles materials, but most of these were already present in version 1.3.1.

Stable version 1.4 can be found at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dvredkkiyyp1rp8/import-daz-v1.4-20190807.zip. It is identical to the development version as of today.

The documentation has also been updated to agree with this version: https://diffeomorphic.blogspot.com/p/daz-importer-version-14.html.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for this excellent addon however I'm unable to find the settings tab in Blender 2.80. Could anyone point me in the right direction please ?

  2. Press N and then you should see the tab pop out from the right side of the view port.

  3. Thanks for great plugin! I can't find a setting for clothes to auto-fit with morphs in your plugin. I clicked on "Import Morph(s)" and selected default Genesis 8 morph - FBMPearFigure.dsf Clothes don't morph with figure and results look like in this screenshot: https://imgur.com/Ssk6xK1

  4. I have a problem while doing some poses, the inner part of elbows and the back part of knees are getting deformed and I'm not finding a way to solve this other than doing some shapekeys myself, there's no corrective for this, only for the outter part of elbows, not the inner.
    If you bend your forearm more than 90° towards your shoulder,you'll start to notice it.
    Please help!