Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Automatic Menu Setup

In order to figure out the final worldspace locations of all vertices and bones, the DAZ Importer needs a .dbz file with that information. This is created with the DAZ script export_to_blender.dsa, which is accessed from a menu in DAZ Studio. There is an instruction for how to set up this menu item, but doing it manually is rather cumbersome. Therefore the steps have now been automated.


Copy the Scripts folder from the map to_daz_studio to one of you DAZ root directories and start DAZ Studio.


The Diffeomorphic folder now contains five different scripts. You could export the .dbz file directly from here, by double-clicking on Export Blender, without ever setting up menu items. But adding the script to the File menu is very simple. Just double-click on Setup Menus.


A message box tells us that the menu entries have been created.

Two new entries, Export To Blender and Export HD To Blender, have been added to the File menu.