Sunday, April 2, 2023

Stripping Categories

We can acquire packages of morphs from the DAZ store. Sometimes the vendor prefers to put the package name in front of all morphs in the package, as in the example below.

Import these morphs into Blender with Import Custom Morphs.
The morphs appear in the Custom Morphs panel, under the category that we specified when importing the morphs. Unfortunately, we have to make the UI panel very wide to see which morph is which, since most of the available space is taken up by the package name.
There is a way to fix this so we can view only the interesting parts of the morph names. First, we need to choose the name of the category to be the same as the common string that starts the morph names. In this case we have already chosen the category to be "Venus Smile". Second, enable the global option Strip Category.
The beginning of the morph name is now hidden for every morph that begins with the category name, and it is much easier to see what each morph does.