Thursday, June 25, 2020

Daz importer versions 1.4.2 and 1.5

Stable version 1.4.2

Stable version 1.4.2 can now be downloaded from This is simply the development version from a few days ago. There have been many bugfixes and other improvements since the previous stable version 1.4.1, and there is really no reason to use that version.

The documentation is not updated for this version. However, it will differ very little from the upcoming version 1.5, which will have updated documentation once I get around to write it.

Important change in version 1.5

So why not release version 1.5 directly? The reason is that there will be an important change in that version: the add-on will be renamed, to import_daz instead of import-daz. This makes it possible to invoke the add-on from python code, by adding the line

import import_daz

With the old name, with a hyphen instead of an underscore, this is not possible, because

import import-daz

is not legal python syntax. Operators can still be called even with the old add-on name, but the Daz importer also defines some useful functions. A listing of operators that the add-on defines can be found here.

In a previous post, I described how to import a character using the Daz importer's own add-on mechanism. However, using the Daz importer from a different Blender add-on is more useful. Here is a python snippet that imports the heroine of the upcoming version 1.5 documentation

import os
import import_daz
# Turn off error popups
filepath = os.path.expanduser("~/Documents/DAZ 3D/Docs/anna.duf")   
bpy.ops.daz.import_daz(filepath=filepath, fitMeshes='UNIQUE')
print("Script finished")
# The error message is the empty string if everything ok
msg = import_daz.getErrorMessage()
print("Error message: \"%s\"" % msg)
# Turn error popups on again