Wednesday, January 12, 2022

DAZ Importer and MHX Runtime System Version 1.6.1 Released

Stable versions 1.6.1 of the DAZ Importer and MHX Runtime System have been released. They can be downloaded from

Main new features:

  • Support for Blender 3.0. 
  • Many bug fixes

The new versions also contains some new features.

  • Support for ERC morphs (morphing armatures).
  • Improved UI for morphs.
  • Better support for instancing.
  • Better metal materials.
  • Support for DAZ decals and layered images.

I want to thank Xin, Jeroen B, and especially Alessandro Padovani for helpful suggestions, and Suttisak Denduangchai and ViSlArT for contributing code.

Xin's HD Morph Add-on

Xin's daz_hd_morphs add-on was bundled with the DAZ Importer in version 1.6.0, but not in 1.6.1. The latest version can be downloaded from

The source is also available in the following repository: . There you can find compilation details for the .dll under MinGW on windows x64 (the code should work on Linux too with some small modifications).

Information about how to use the tool can be found in

Removing Old Versions

Old versions of the add-ons can cause conflicts when you install the new versions, because they will prevent that the new files are copied to the right location. We must therefore remove them first.

Open Blender and the Blender Preferences window. In the Add-ons tab, unstall the add-ons (DAZ Importer, MHX Runtime System, etc.).
Quit Blender and go to the location where Blender stores the add-ons. On my computer it is C:/Users/Thomas/AppData/Roaming/Blender Foundation/Blender/2.83/scripts/addons.
Delete the folders that contain the old versions of the add-on. Now the old add-ons will not cause any conflicts and we can proceed to install the add-ons as described in the documentation.