Friday, April 30, 2021

MHX Runtime System Has Moved

The MHX runtime system has been moved to a separate add-on. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Both the Daz Importer and the BVH retargeter add-ons are aware of MHX. This meant that both add-ons used large amounts of code that were essentially the same, although slightly different. Maintaining two versions of the code was becoming unmanageable.
  2. Some features that are useful for DAZ characters were only available in the BVH version, like FK/IK switch for animations.
  3. Users that don't use the MHX rig don't need to install the MHX runtime system. It is just dead weight.
  4. The Daz Importer tab contains too many panels, especially if you load many different types of morphs.

The code that generates the MHX rig is still part of the Daz Importer. There is a clear analogue to Rigify here; the code that rigifies a DAZ armature is part of the Daz Importer, but the Rigify runtime system is not.

I intended to make the documentation more complete before making a public announcement, but recently I have been working on MHX, and don't want to duplicate that work in the old system.

The main documentation page for the MHX RTS is The repository itself is located at