Sunday, April 18, 2021

Simulations moved


For updated information, see the documentation on the Simulation Section.

Original post:

When I imported some characters with simulation turned on, Blender complained about dependency loops. Apparently the problem had to do with multiple collision modifiers. To avoid this, and because the philosophy of the Daz Importer is to provide tools rather than doing everything on import, the simulation setup has moved.

The Simulation group in the global settings is gone, except for a single Simulation option in the Meshes section. This checkbox only determines whether pinning groups are loaded.
With Simulation turned on, a pinning group is created as before. The tools for setting up the simulation are now located in the Advanced Setup panel, in the new Simulation group.
  • Make Deflection: Create a low-poly deflection surface for active mesh. Only for Genesis characters.
  • Transfer Vertex Groups: Transfer all vertex groups from the active mesh to selected meshes. The intention here is to transfer vertex groups from the character to the deflection object.
  • Make Collision: Add collision modifiers to the selected meshes.
  • Make Cloth: Add cloth modifiers to the selected meshes.
Here is the original character, the deflection mesh, and the deflection mesh with subsurf applied
Here the vertex groups have been transferred to the deflection mesh.
The Make Collision tool sets up the selected meshes as collsion objects.
The Make Cloth tool adds cloth modifiers to the selected meshes. The options are the ones that use to be in the global settings, except that we can choose the pinning group.
With collision and cloth set up, we can now proceed with the simulation.