Actions Panel

With the BVH Retargeter you can quickly create many actions. The Actions panel contains some tools to organize and manipulate them conveniently.
  • Set Current Action: Set the action selected in the action list as the current action.
  • Set Fake User: Make fake users for the selected actions, and remove fake users for the other actions.
  • Set All Fake Users: Add or remove fake users from all actions.
  • Delete Actions: Delete the actions selected in the actions list.
  • Delete All Actions: Delete all actions.
  • Delete Temporary Actions: Delete all actions whose name start with an '#'. Such actions are created by the BVH Retargeter, more specifically by Local Edit. They should be deleted automatically when a local edit is finished, but some times this does not work.
Here we have retargeted several actions our rig Emiyo, with the Create NLA Strips option enabled. The action names consist of the four first letters from the character name (Emiy) plus the name of the bvh file.

Set Current Action

Set Current Action allows you to change the active action. The right-hand columns displays the number of users. Most actions have two users (the fake user and the NLA strip), and the active action has an additional user.

The Filter box allows you to filter the action list.

Set Fake User

Set Fake User adds or removes fake users from the actions.

Set All Fake Users

Set All Fake Users adds (if Add Fake User is enabled) or removes (if it is not) fake users from all actions.

Delete Actions

Delete the selected actions.

Delete All Actions

Clean the blend file by deleting all actions.