Local Edit

This section could be called ”Poor man’s animation layers”. A loaded mocap animation usually has imperfections that must be edited, but without changing the overall feel of the motion. The Start Edit button creates a new animation layer where differences from the original motion are stored as keys, called delta keys since delta often denotes a difference.

  • Start Edit: Start editing F-curves. The other buttons are now enabled.
  • Undo Edit: Quit F-curve editing, without modifying the original F-curves.
  • Loc: Set a location delta keyframe.
  • Rot: Set a rotation delta keyframe.
  • LocRot: Set a location and rotation delta keyframe.
  • Delete: Remove all delta keyframes at the current time.
  • |<: Move to the first delta keyframe.
  • <: Move to the previous delta keyframe.
  • >: Move to the next delta keyframe.
  • >|: Move to the last delta keyframe.
  • Confirm Edit: Modify the original F-curves and quit F-curve editing.
  • Clear Temporary Properties:

The delta keys are represented by markers in the timeline.
A delta key can be added with the Loc, Rot and LocRot buttons, and removed with Delete. There is no way to view the delta keys directly. In the viewport and the curve editor, the final pose is shown, which is the sum of the original pose and the delta key.

A common use for delta keys is to correct for intersection with other objects or the character herself. The typical workflow is as follows:
  1. Start Edit.
  2. Set a delta key at a good frame just before the intersection.
  3. Set a delta key at a good frame just after the intersection.
  4. Edit the pose a the frame(s) where intersection occurs.
  5. If the intersection has been removed, Confirm Edit. If not, set new delta keys until it has, or Undo Edit to remove the delta layer.