Source Armature Panel

The source armature is the rig defined by the bvh file. The BVH Retargeter recognizes a number of known source rigs, defined by json files located in the source_rigs directory. When the add-on is first enabled, the Source Armature panel consists of a single button:

  • Init Source Panel: Read in all json files in the source_rigs directory. This button also initializes the json files in the t_pose directory. Several other buttons automatically initializes the source panel.
After initialization, the panel looks like this:
  • Reinit Source Panel: Reread in all json files in the sourcerigs directory.
  • Source Rig: The currently selected source rig. 
  • T-Pose Source: The currently selected source T-pose.
  • Include Fingers: Include finger bones when identifying the source rig.
  • Identify Source Rig: Identify the source rig type of the active armature based on bone names.
  • Verify Source Rig: Verify that the active armature has the prescribed source rig type.
  • List Source Rig: Display the identification of the source rig bones, as well as the T-pose angles (if the T-Pose is different from Default).
  • Put In T-Pose (Source): Put the active armature in T-pose.
The Source Rig drop-down list. Automatic means that bones are identified automatically. This usually works well, but can go wrong. If this happens. you can override the automatic bone identification and select a source rig manually.
Load an animated armature with Load BVH File; in this example we choose a female bvh file from ACCAD. Identify Source Rig checks the known source rigs (define by json files in the source_rigs directory) to find a rig type that matches the bone names. The Source Rig field is change to ACCAD.  The T-Pose field is not changed in this case, but it may happen if a source rig type is uniquely associated with a specific T-pose.
Verify Source Rig checks that the bone names matches the bones of the Source Rig type specified above. If this is not the case an error message is displayed.
List Source Rig displays a pop-up menu with the bone identifications. We have temporarily change the T-Pose Source to ACCAD Male, which has a non-standard rest pose.
The third column is the Euler angles for the T-pose. If the T-Pose is set to Default, this column is absent.

Put In T-Pose puts the armature in the reference T-pose, which is used to identify the difference between the roll angles of the source and target armatures. Since the armature comes from an ACCAD Female bvh file, the T-pose was changed back to Default.