Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the face of my Genesis 3 or 8 character badly deformed?

In these characters, facial expressions are implemented as driven poses, but Blender does not allow drivers to execute scripts for security reasons. Turn on Auto Run Python Scripts and the problem should be gone. See for details.

 Can I import Poser files with this addon?

No, there is direct support for Poser files. In some earlier version of the add-on it was possible to import Poser animations, but that possibility has been lost. However, you can import Poser files into Daz Studio and then import the Daz file with this add-on. For more information, see

Can I import morphs to a mesh that has been merged with another mesh or modified in some other way?

You can load shapekeys to a mesh with the Import Morph(s) button. However, this only works as long as the mesh is intact, because morphs are stored as pairs of vertex numbers and offsets. If you change the mesh in any way, e.g. by merging anatomy or joining eyelashes to a Genesis 8 character, or if you delete or add any vertices manually, the vertex numbers are corrupted and the morphs can not be loaded.

However, there is a way to get around this, as explained in this blog post.